Synopsis. Why do we have to participate in the destruction of the earth to survive? Why do we have to work to buy food? Weren’t food and land free once? Is there a better way to live? Are we living our truth? Are there skills that we are not being taught? What changes will make a real difference?

Culturequake: The Restoration Revolution reveals our only long-term solutions by taking a hard look how we got here and why we may not be able to fix civilization. Chuck Burr shows better ways to live beyond modern consumer culture.

By seeing through whole-systems eyes, we can start living more in tune with our needs and more deeply connected to the earth. Don’t wait!—read this book and let us create a new culture together.

Reviews. Few books have caused me to rethink my entire view of human history and human culture as Culturequake has. — Larry Korn, editor and translator One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka

While not everyone is ready to drop their current lifestyles, the idea that there is a different way to live that harmonizes our relations with all living beings is both comforting and exciting. Culturequake is a highly recommended read. — Kris Holstrom, New Community Coalition, Telluride, Colorado.

Tying together the bits and pieces, the anecdotes, stories and flashes of recognition for the first time. — Marc Hurlbert

A thoroughly researched and well-indexed book. Great for those who are new to the idea of how people in our culture live beyond the human definition. It also serves as a great reference for those already "in" on the taker/leaver concept. Chuck writes in a simple, easy to read style without a lot of flowery conjecture. This is a fact-filled book that I believe I will use as a reference for years to come. — Eric Jergensen

As alarming world news is now, his fresh, brilliant, new message is that the answers that served humanity well for so long before these times can still serve us well. In fact, combining the best of both world's, it could be so great, we'd look on the last few thousand years as a mere hiccup.
— John Cruickshank, the Sunny John and Hobbit House

Mission. Nonviolent cultural change through education for the benefit of all species.

Chuck Burr is founder of Restoration Seeds and the Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute in Ashland, Oregon. He has served on several nonprofit boards and is President of the Southern Oregon Seed Growers Association. He is a retired software CEO, has been on the inside of the Fortune 100, interned for President Reagan has an MBA in finance. He has been a traveler, mountaineer, rock and ice climber.

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